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TOP 10 consciousness netflix series and Movies

We all realized that life after the eternal quarantine was not the same as we had been living. We spend more time at home, we’re getting to know our family more, we watch more series and movies on Netflix, we question more things in life, emotions that we had kept in storage appeared and we also have more free time to go into our true essence and spirituality.

We started to become more aware of how the world moves, the energies and everything that we do not see with the naked eye.

Topics of spirituality and awakening of consciousness are no longer taboo for many.

If you’re looking for something that will solve your existential doubts, spirituality or simply to know more about the awakening of consciousness, the power of the mind, law of attraction and energy, you will love these series and movies, and if you are here because of religious themes, I am sorry to tell you that what you will find here has nothing to do with religion.

How does it help you to awaken your consciousness?

Because you are going to raise your energy or awaken your spirituality and it helps you to no longer go through life on automatic.

Or see beyond what most people see, and not be so easily fooled by the mass controllers.

Be a positive person.

Know the power of your mind and the dimensions we go through.

Discover your life purpose.

Focus on your life and your personal and spiritual development.

And I can give you many more reasons, but the important thing is that you discover them.

You may be interested in this post where I explain more about spirituality and awakening of consciousness.

So, let’s start with this TOP 10 Consciousness Netflix series and movies:

Series on Netflix

For those who love series and Netflix, but this time with something different that will make you question your existence. These series will expand your way of seeing the world and life.

1. Midnight gospel

This is the animated adaptation of a podcast. At first glance it may seem like it’s just cartoons, but this is one of the series that covers themes of spirituality, self-love, existential issues, ideology, meditation and forgiveness.

Within an environment of impossible universes, parallel worlds, doctrines such as Buddhism, magical currents such as alchemy, tarot, kabbalah, searching for the meaning of life, death and existence.

Within the story the protagonist visits other worlds, and to visit them he uses a different avatar.

This series also teaches you how to manifest everything you want in life through the law of attraction and your thoughts.

The Midnight Gospel Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies

2. The OA

I love this series, I wasn’t a fan of Netflix until I started watching The OA, it’s one of those series that once you start you won’t want to stop watching it.

Its plot features the main character who reappears after several years of missing claiming to be an angel.

The OA in theory takes place in 3 dimensions, you have to pay a lot of attention to understand it, because it is one of the only shows that shows that we are multidimensional head exploded haha, but I loved reaffirming that in my other dimensions I can be living a totally different life or the life of my dreams.

The OA Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies

3.Anne with E

One of those series we should all watch, with great spirituality meaning it teaches us the value of perseverance and never stop dreaming the life you want and deserve, using the law of attraction to manifest your desires.

Anne with E has themes of sexism, classism, racism, homophobia, beauty standards, human rights, health care and more. And I love how Anne always follows and defends her ideals, and especially in that era it’s a show of female empowerment and openness of consciousness.

And of course in this era it also empowers women and teaches women not to be silent.

The characters, the landscapes and the plot of this series will make you fall in love with it.

Anne with an E - Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies

4. Heal

Heal is a documentary that explains how the body heals itself through our thoughts.

Our thoughts are soooo powerful that they can change the cells of our body, this is where the power of our brain combined with the law of attraction comes in, watch with an open mind as you will realize many things that the system has made us believe are true.

It was recently removed from Netflix, but if you manage to watch it somewhere else I recommend it.

Heal (2017) Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies

5.The goop lab

This series talks about health and wellness issues that may be “taboo” for many people, normalizing and endorsing them for skeptics, about how to heal the body in a different way than traditional medicine, with the mind, law of attraction, energy and spirituality.

Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies the goop lab

6. Sense 8

It is the story of 8 strangers of different races who connect through the death of a woman, where mysteriously they all experience visions and dreams of that event. Because of that connection they are able to communicate and share their emotions and thoughts, they try to find out what their connection is due to.

This series is a clear demonstration that we are all one and connected in our thoughts and emotions and we attract people and situations that are in the same vibration as us.

Sense8 Consciousness Netflix

7. Dark

One of Netflix’s most controversial series, Dark is a complex fiction that takes place in a present, past and future, referencing Einstein’s theory of relativity.

The series is a kind of puzzle that makes you reflect on the relationship of our past lineages and how these can influence the present and future if you don’t cut patterns that don’t work and how these are cyclically repeated.

You can come to understand family histories and patterns and their relationship over time, and understand again that in turn we are all one no matter what era we live in, stories are always repeating.

Consciousness Netflix dark

8. Behind her eyes

It is a miniseries of psychological suspense. Some characters in the series try to master lucid dreams and astral travel. And why do I call it one of the series of spirituality or to expand your consciousness, well, because of astral travel, if you really take it to another level you can reach higher states of consciousness.

Behind Her Eyes: Consciousness Netflix

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

For manga lovers or children Avatar is the one, and if you are not a manga lover you will also like it. One of the most complete and easy to understand series, it has lessons of spirituality, forgiveness, self-discovery, compassion, empathy and values that can lead us to live from love. The series encompasses comedy, romance, action, drama and appreciation of nature with the 4 elements.

Avatar: Consciousness Netflix

10. If I Hadn’t Met You

This series will leave you pondering how every decision you make in life can change your future so much. It catches you with the parallel universes and lives.

If I Hadn't Met You Consciousness Netflix

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Now comes the movie part, for that evening with you, your partner, your family or your friends/friends.

TOP 10 Consciousness Movies

If there is something I love are those movies that make me wonder about my existence and the meaning of life with a bit of mystery and fiction and if you have not seen any yet I share with you these that are my favorites, some have completely spiritual themes, others related to the law of attraction, others to open possibilities to see the potential you have, but all make us see that we are all one.

  1. The Shack
  2. Peaceful warrior
  3. The Way Home
  4. Pay It Forward
  5. La belle verte
  6. Conversations With God
  7. Beyond the litgh
  8. The secret
  9. ONE
  10. The secret, dare to dream

Do you know of any other Netflix movies or series that you have loved about awakening consciousness and spirituality? Leave it in the comments

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Consciousness Netflix Series And Movies

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