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online business tools for digital entrepreneurs

Are you a digital entrepreneur or want to take your business online?
These online business tools are jewels and will help you to make your entrepreneurial journey much easier and faster.

Whether you are starting your digital bussines or you already have a business/entrepreneur and want to take it to another level on the internet, believe me that without these online business tools would not have achieved the success I have in my digital ventures with my websites.

1. Canva

One of the best online business tools on this list. Canva is an image and video editor, with Canva you can create wonders even if you don’t know nothing about graphic design or have 0 creativity because Canva has millions of templates to make everything you can think of in images: logos, flyers, social media posts, presentations, quotes, ebooks, posters, catalogs…etc. You can also edit videos as reels/tiktoks.

It also have thousands of free images, graphics and stickers and in its PRO version (which I highly recommend) you can use more images, templates, videos, remove the images background, add effects, add music and more.

In addition in its PRO version you can also schedule posts for your social media(Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) and that really saves you time!

I love Canva and it’s by far my favorite online business tool.

Want to try the PRO version of Canva and create images like a pro? Sign up with this link and you’ll get 30 days FREE.

2. Notes

It’s super important to have a place to write down any ideas that come to your mind or tasks to do. Because inspiration comes at any time.

You can use any app included in your phone or computer or install another one, I like the app “to do” it’s super practical and easy to use.

3. Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest

Something that can’t miss in your business is the presence in social networks. If you are starting out I recommend you focus only on 1-2 social networks, believe me it’s not as simple as it seems, you have to share valuable content that really serves your audience, content that solves a problem for your audience and that takes time (Canva is super useful to save you time in creating and scheduling content).

Online Business Tools- Canva

Another way to take advantage of social media is to use them as a virtual store, Facebook and Instagram have the option to create your store, Pinterest also has the option to offer your products and with Tiktok you can use your creativity to sell them.

4.Social media courses

If you are begginer at social media and you want to learn, there are many courses and workshops you can start with.

You can learn how to optimize your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok for your business, also how to increase the number of followers, what kind of information to post according to your business, how to make ads, also how to create a monthly content strategy and what steps to follow so that more people buy from you.

You can access all these courses and more in SkillShare, an online learning platform that I love and where I have done several of these courses.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) ideal for beginners or people with little technical knowledge who want to create their own website/page.

This is one of my favorite online business tools, because it is very easy to us. Most of the websites on the internet are made with WordPress.

You don’t have to have programming knowledge, you just have to have the desire to create your website for your business.

Would you like to create your own website? Here’s how


Are you very good at something and would like to make your own digital course and sell it?

Hotmart is a very good option to do it. Hotmart is an affiliate marketing platform, that is, you can upload your digital products and someone else sells it, or also you can sell a digital product of someone you like much more without having to create it, whether you are the creator or the reseller you will have a profit, since the creator adjusts the base price and the profit for the person who resells it.


7. Drive

In your business you can’t miss a place to store all your information, yes I know you can save it on your computer or cell phone, but what if someday your computer break down? Or if you need information that you have stored there and you don’t have your devices at hand? Having all your information in the cloud will always save you from many unforeseen events.

Drive can be the salvation, there are many cloud storage services, I personally love drive, since it is a google service and to access you only have to use your Gmail account.

8. Unsplash

Lacking images to post on social networks? Use image banks. Unsplash is a free image bank. But why not just use the images you find everywhere on the internet?

Well, most of the images on the internet have an owner, but many people don’t know it and take them without the consent of the creator.

I’ll give you an example, imagine you created an amazing image in Canva, you spent hours on that image but it doesn’t matter because you loved it, you post it to social media, suddenly you see that your competition post that image to their account and says that she/he created it, the image starts to have a success and your competition, thanks to that image, has a lot of sales.

Something unfair right?

Well in this case you could take legal action in case you can prove the authorship of the image. An extensive process, but big brands due to their intellectual property do when they realize this kind of situations.

Okay now that I explained a little more, to avoid all this hassle it is better to use images that are free of author and that are free for distribution such as Unsplash or those that Canva brings directly on your platform.

9. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an automated email marketing tool. What’s that?

Surely you have in your inbox an email that arrives frequently (weekly, biweekly, monthly) where a person offers you their services through a story, success story or covering a need you have, maybe after several emails you have wanted to buy the product that this person offers.

That is email marketing, it is reaching your customers through emails to persuade them to buy your product.

If you have no idea how to get started with email marketing this course can help you to start your campaign in Mailchimp.

10. Trello

Take your organization to another level with Trello. It is a tool to organize your plans, your projects and your business.

It works like boards and cards where you can group your tasks by areas such as “tasks for social media”, “administrative tasks” and in each area put the tasks you have to do and which ones you have already done and which ones you are in the process of doing.

Trello will help you increase your productivity.

11. Ubbersugest

This tool is very useful to generate keyword ideas and to see how popular those words are. It is very functional when optimizing the SEO of your website or social media, or also to generate ideas of words to make your ads.



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