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how to Be A Happy Single Person

What is the secret of happiness? How to be happy and single? How to be happy alone? What do people who look happy do to be happy? How do they learn to vibrate high?

Are they just smiling meaninglessly, or are they really happy?

It doesn’t matter if you have millions or just to live for the day, if you are single or with a partner, being happy is a choice, if are wondering how to be happy, you have to choose be happy and there is nothing that will stand in the way of you being happy.

Happy, high vibrational people cultivate happiness with their daily habits.

It’s like a snowball, the more habits that increase your happiness the more happiness you will have. And vice versa, the more happiness-robbing habits you make, the less happiness you will have.

However hapiness is an emotion, that means you don’t have to be happy all time all day, remember we experiment a lot of emotions along the day, but of course happiness and be in peace should be the predomint emotions in you life.

Let’s start with these practices about how to be happy even if you are single, married, you live alone or whatever situation.

How To Be A Happy Single Person

1. Forgive

Let go of what hurts you, when you hold on to a situation that hurt you and you can’t change it, you only generate hatred and resentment and this makes you can’t live in peace and happiness.

Free yourself from those emotions and empty that space of negativity to fill it with positive things, optimism and high vibes.

No matter how hurt you have been or have felt, you gain nothing by having that feeling in you. Forgive, not for the other person, do it for yourself.

2. Exercise

Whether you want to stay in shape or just do it because you like it or because you want to feel good.

Move, walk, run, jump, dance, do whatever you like, but move your body. We are not static, we are dynamic beings that need movement to feel alive and happy.

Exercising reduces anxiety, depression, relaxes your brain and improves your mood making you feel more confident and increasing your happiness.

3.Live in the present

Happy people live in the present, and the aren’t lamenting over a past that has passed or anguishing over a future that has not yet arrived.

Live in mindfulness, look around you and observe your thoughts. It will not be something easy that you can do overnight, you have to practice it constantly but its results will make you live fully and happily.

4.Help others

When we give to others without expecting anything in return, magic happens.

Be grateful because God, Universe, Stars or whatever your believe in put you in the place of the giver and not in the place of the needy.

Empower yourself and Impact others, see how you can help them to improve, to transform their lives.

But do it from your heart, do it with love, not out of commitment, not out of a “I have to do it”, but out of a “I want to do it”.

Helping others is the most human part we have, it is to serve others.

How To Be A Happy Single Person

5. Do a social media detox

Believe me you aren’t the only one who feels anxious seeing those perfect pictures of other people on social media.

At least 1 day a week take a break from your phone, use that time for you, to nurture you.

After a break from technology you will feel more free, relaxed and happy.

Your time is very valuable, don’t waste it every day on things that don’t make sense in networks, on things that don’t nurture you or add to your life.

6. Meditate

Meditation is to the mind as physical exercise is to the body.

A professional swimmer who has won many competitions was not born knowing how to swim.

She had to go through years of practice to achieve excellence in her passion.

It’s the same with meditation, you have to start developing a muscle that maybe you were never taught how to develop. You have to be consistent like any other skill you want to learn.

Meditation is not a perfect practice. Meditation is to be here, to be in the present and enjoying this moment.

Here’s how to start meditating at home.

It will help you practice mindfulness and live in the here and now enjoying everything around you to be happy.


7. Spend time in nature

Last year after living in the city in a 5th floor apartment with no greenery around me in the middle of winter I appreciated nature more than ever. I just wanted to stop being cooped up and go out and breathe fresh air next to a tree.

Then I moved to another apartment closer to a huge park, I loved that park. There were many days when I felt anxious and depressed at the same time because I was trying to overcome a breakup, and I loved to lie down and fall asleep in the park. I realized how good it was to be surrounded by nature, it automatically changed my mood, make me feel happy and enjoy to be single.

Nature is so wise and so perfect that the moment we share with her, we make an energy exchange. Our dense energy leaves and fills us with high energy, making a perfect balance.

Many people prefer the forest, others the beach, whatever your favorite place is, connect with nature, it is a habit that undoubtedly makes you happier.

8.Have goals with value

Most people have goals to achieve, some bigger, some smaller. The magic is when this goal becomes a real dream, that which moves you every day, fills you with enthusiasm and desire to do things. Those dreams with a meaningful objective and not just wanting something for the sake of wanting it.

Think about your biggest dreams and go for them. Don’t wait for more days to pass, don’t wait for tomorrow to start, start today.

Put an action plan and go all out to meet those goals, here I give you the best tips for you to accomplish them easily and quickly.

But don’t wait for the result to give you happiness.

Happiness will give you the path, everything you will go through to reach that dream.

Don’t expect anything, accept everything.


10. Spend time with friends and family

Spending time with the people you love is one of the things that makes us happiest.

Just make sure it’s quality time, it’s better to be present for 1 hour than 3 hours on the phone and distracted with your family or friends.

I used to be one of those who didn’t socialize much, due to situations in my childhood I felt insecure many times and I preferred to be alone and I excused myself in being introverted.

I really didn’t know what I was missing out on lol. Since I spend more time with my friends I have become more confident in myself and my decisions, of course it doesn’t mean that I always have to be accompanied because I enjoy spending time alone.

10.Happy people are grateful

Many times we take for granted everything we have. We don’t realize how lucky and happy we are to have a home, food, bed, clothes, phone, family, a partner o be single, friends and all the basic modern necessities. We are so used to having it that sometimes we don’t value it. Don’t wait until you don’t have it to be grateful for it.

Being grateful is one of the most beautiful things you can do daily to connect with your existence and abundance.

The more we are grateful the more blessings come into our lives, but don’t do it just because you want to receive something, do it from your heart because you feel grateful and deserving of everything you have.

Incorporate it to your morning or evening routine, to your affirmations or decrees.

You can attract everything you desire from a thank you.

How To Be Happy and single

11. Happy people are optimistic

Negative moments happen to all of us, the key is to know how to face them. It’s useless to get stuck and frustrated in a victim’s plan for something that has already happened.

See the positive side of every experience, no matter how negative it’s, there is always a learning experience, and it is part of what you had to live to heal the wounds of the past.

Happy people are undoubtedly optimistic and positive and avoid complaining.

12.Spend on experiences

A few years ago I stopped putting all my savings for material things and started saving for travel. And it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Traveling is one of the best investments you can make, they are unforgettable experiences.

The happiest people stop buying material things and spend more on unforgettable things. Spend on experiences with yourself, your friends, family, new people.

Travel, volunteer or get on a train. And if you don’t like to travel, spend on experiences, like going out dancing, going on a zip line, a spa day, something that makes you feel alive, special, unique, that touches your being and not just something material that will make you feel happy for 5 minutes.

Use the Law of Attraction to manifest that dream experience.

Spend on that thing that when you remember it, you will want to do it again.

13. Live as if you were on vacation

Or, rather, live as if it were your last day.

Last year I dared to do many things I thought I would never do, I said yes to everything I was invited to. And you know, the best memories of my life are from last year.

I loved living and watching as if it was the last day.

But why did it happen that way, why did I encourage myself to do everything? Because I knew that I might never be in that place anymore, I knew that hardly anyone knew me or could judge me, I felt free.

That often happens when you go to a place where no one knows you and you dare to do things you didn’t think.

Why not live like that every day? Without fear of being judged, without fear of what people will say.

That’s how I set out to live and it’s been amazing.

The happiest people live like that, without fear of success. Doing what they are passionate about day by day, with activities all day long. Time is money, make the most of it.

You are not eternal, you don’t know when your last day will be.

It’s not about living, it’s about feeling alive.

These were the 13 tips to be happy and live to the fullest every day.

Thanks for reading, if you found them useful leave me a comment below. Blessings and good vibes.




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