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How to Accomplish the Goals

Are you one of those who have many goals to accomplish but your smartphone absorbs you and instead of working on your goals you start the procrastinate loop?

It has happened to me too, don’t worry, the important thing is to realize that you have to make a change and start today with that change.

We all have achievements, dreams, goals and things we want to accomplish, the difficult part becomes when we don’t know how to make those dreams come true, either because you lack motivation or lack of time management to achieve them; but don’t see it as impossible, everything can be achieved.


So let’s start with these tips:

1. Be clear about your “why”.

One of the most important points that you have to have well defined.

Your “why” has to be clear and intense enough.

If you let yourself get carried away by superficial “why” you will not achieve anything, you will simply lose interest, you will see it too far away and you will give up for lack of motivation.

There must be a definite and burning desire to achieve that goal.

Write it down and be as specific as possible.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Why is it important for me to accomplish this goal/objective?
  • Is it what I really want?
  • How will I feel when I accomplish it?
  • Who will benefit from accomplishing my goal?

If after answering these questions you find meaning in your goal or objective, you already have what you need most to accomplish it.

2.Create habits

To accomplish most of our goals you don’t need to be the wonder women, you just need to create habits.

If you want to lose weight you have to create the habit of eating healthy and exercising, if you want to travel you have to make the habit of saving or generating another source of income, if you want to learn a language you have to create the habit of studying constantly, everything requires habits.

And the important part is of course starting, and maintain those habits on a daily basis or according to the frequency you have chosen.

At first it may be difficult or frustrating, but every change is disastrous at the beginning, but comforting at the end.

When you do something over and over again you are creating a new behavior in your brain, until after days it becomes second nature to your brain.


It takes 21 days to create a habit, although it is better to keep it for 66 days for your brain to reach that naturalness of doing it automatically.

Make the commitment to yourself, whether you feel like it or not. Do it! Consistency is the key to success.

That is why it is important to have your “why” well defined, so that every time you find yourself at the point that maybe you no longer want to do anything, you feel lazy to get up and go for that goal, remember the “why of your goal or dream”, this reason that drives you to do it and give it your all.

And remember it is better to dedicate 10-20 minutes to your goal than to do nothing, you can join several habits in a certain time, as a morning routine, here I show you my routine that has led me to meet my personal growth goals.

3.Make a vision board.

The Vision Board is a powerful method of manifestation with the law of attraction to materialize what you want physically and to have more clarity in the goals you want to accomplish.

Do you remember when in school they let you make mental maps with little drawings?

This was so that you had more clear the idea that was trying to convey the information in the books, well it is something similar with the Vision Board, by putting shape and color to what you want your brain can process and record it better and your subconscious begins to believe that you already have it, and that feeling that you already have it makes you have it because you already feel it as yours.

In my Guide How to make a Vision Board you will find all the details on how to do it to manifest your dreams or fulfill your goals.

4. Set mini goals

Especially if your dream or goal is very big, you may see it very far away, but everything is possible.

One of my biggest dreams was to live abroad for a while, I investigated several ways to achieve it: Because my economic situation is not millionaire, one of the ways that best suited me was to be an Au Pair, that is to be a nanny abroad.

I’m not lying to you, at the beginning I saw it very far away, because not only I had decided to go abroad with all the expenses that can imply, but I had also decided to be an Au Pair in Germany.

And yes, it sounds unbelievable but after informing myself and learning that I had to learn German if I wanted to apply, my mind thought for a moment “it’s impossible”, but on the other hand I said “I can do it” because my dream is bigger than my excuses.

My goal and my why were clear, now I just had to trace the path.

I set mini goals:

  • Learn German at level a1.
  • Save money for my flight.
  • To start babysitting .

From these mini-goals I created my habits. Every day I studied 1 hour of German.

And from the work I had at that time I saved at least half of my salary, that meant not spending money on nonsense.

I didn’t take babysitting so seriously, but I did take care of my nephews and nieces lol.

And after 2 months, what I saw as almost impossible at one point was already manifested. I can only tell you that that year in Berlin, Germany was the best year of my life.

Here I tell you more about my experience and how to be an Au Pair in Germany.

So 0 excuses, you can create anything, no matter how big your dreams are, there will always be a way to reach them.

Just trace your path, go step by step to achieve your goals.

5.Measure your progress

Many times I’ve felt like I’m stagnant. I open Instagram and see everyone posting their best pictures with their best accomplishments, and I wonder am I doing enough? Am I making progress on what I want?

I don’t know if you feel it too, but I can tell you that in order to not get there, it’s important to measure your progress.

Take pencil and paper, or download an app, there are plenty of apps for everything, and track your progress.

  • If your plan is to gain muscle, measure and weigh yourself at least every 15 days.
  • Maybe buy a car, check your savings and record how much you have.
  • If your plan is to have a couple, be clear with the person you are meeting and tell him/her your intentions.
  • Maybe you want to have glow up, you can read this reccomendations.
  • If your plan is to learn to control your emotions, meditate and write down how you feel on a daily basis.

Stop beating around the bush and be clear and direct, but treat yourself with empathy.

And of the daily habits you do, record which ones you do and which ones you don’t do.

If you feel you don’t have enough time, you can implement a method to organize yourself.

So how do you like these tips? Are you ready to go for your dreams and accomplish your goals?

Don’t overthinking and start today!

Remember in 5 fiver you will not regreting what you did, you are going to regret for what you didn’t do.

Always give your best and the best will come.




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