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50 easy ways to work and earn money online from home

It is not a secret that you work from home and earn money online. There are thousands of possibilities to do it and become a digital entrepreneur.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I love digital entrepreneurship and I also love helping more women start their own digital bussines.

About 7 years ago when I was in college, I was curious to know if I could make money online, I saw information of some people who claimed to be millionaires just by selling online, then came the boom of youtubers and that’s when my curiosity increased. Then I decided to take the first step and I started to work in an online business to see if I could really earn money online from home.

And what do you think? With my first earnings I paid my first trip abroad, a flight to Russia to volunteer. Then I confirmed that it is possible to work and earn money online from home, so I continued to investigate more ways to do it, so far I have tried literally everything haha selling products, services, writing, making videos, images, social media, and more.

After my journey I’ve received messages asking me how they can earn money online and work from home, and finally today I’m going to share with you my 50 favorite jobs.

How to make money online from home

How much money can you earn online at home?

Working online is like any other job, you have to work hard and be consistent, whether you are an entrepreneur or work for someone else. So it depends a lot on you, although in my experience I can tell you that it is easier because of the world of opportunities that there.

These are my 50 favorite options to start making money online today!

Are you ready?

1.Start earning money online from home with a blog

My favorite idea to make money online from home! As I told you I already went through a lot of digital bussines, and this is the one I liked the most, one because I like to write and I have found my voice and way to express myself through writing, and another because it allows me to work and to earn money online from home without having to spend all day blogging.

I have a free course where you can learn how to make your own blog about whatever you want: music, fashion, sports, technology, travel, books, beauty… whatever you want, I leave it here:


2. Sell online

Something super practical to start if you already have an inventory of products at home, you can start making money online by promoting them on platforms like ebay, Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy.

Something I don’t like is there are intermediary companies and they will take a commission for your sales. If you don’t want to pay these commissions you can make your own website or advertise on Facebook Market Place.

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping was the activity with which I realized that I could make money online from home, I did it in my free time after college and with what I earned I paid part of my first trips.

What is dropshipping?

It is reselling a product, but it is a product that you will not have physically with you, that is to say, you will only be the intermediary to make the purchase and sale.

There are several sites where you can do dropshipping as Ebay Amazon-Ebay.

To earn good profits you have to find the product much cheaper than how they sell it on the platform you want to offer it, that’s why dropshipping is very popular with Asian products because they are low cost and you can earn up to 5 times more.

Why I stopped doing it? Because I don’t like consumerism, and I felt that I was promoting it, plus most Asian products are not paid a fair price to the producers and the pollution produced by the items is immense.

Are you also concerned about these social issues? You can dropship with local and conscious companies, just research them well the work ethic of each company, and then make your own website with your online store products.

These online bussines tools can help you to make your entrepreneur way easier.

4. Sell templates online

The graphic templates are gaining popularity due to the large number of content creators that are emerging. It is a very profitable business to earn money online from home, you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design, fortunately there is a powerful tool that I love and where it is super easy to create graphics, even if you are not an expert, is CANVA.

If this business convinces you I recommend you to make your templates in the PRO version of Canva, because it will give you many more options to create your templates and make them look amazing.

What kind of templates can you make? Images for Instagram posts, Pinterest Facebook, e-books, fyers… and whatever you can think of.

Create your Canva account and get 30 days free in the PRO version.

earn money online work from home

5. Sell your art online (drawings)

Do you like to draw? sell your art! You can start selling on social media like Instagram or Pinterest or if you want you can also launch yourself on Etsy, an exclusive platform for selling crafts.

If you liked the previous idea of templetes you can sell it on Etsy too and if you want to perfect your drawing skills these courses will help you.

6. Be a Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent worker, that is, you set your own contract rules and contact clients on your own. You can be a freelancer in practically everything, offering your services in web development, web design, translation, university consultancy, content creation, web design, accounting consultancy, legal consultancy, cooking classes, etc.

There are well-known platforms where you can offer your services such as Upwork, FreeLancer, Workana, LinkedIn.

7. Write and sell an e-book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? This is your chance!

I know that writing a book takes time, and you can get started, now you have the advantage that you can sell it online as an e-book and save yourself the trouble of having it go through a publisher.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a 500-page book with tiny print, of course if you want to go all out, but I mean you can start with 10-20 pages and it can be anything you want!

It can be a recipe book, a guide to lose weight, a guide to take beautiful pictures, a guide to teach you how to sell more, a book to give advice on how to cut your hair, whatever you want!

As long as it’s something you’re an expert in or you’ve studied enough to make your e-book worth every penny they pay for it, something that sets you apart from all the information already on the internet.

Once you have it, you can create your website and sell it there.

These online bussines tools can help you to make your e-book procces easier.

8. Be a virtual assistant

Besides being a Blogger, I work as a virtual assistant and I earn money online from home.

For many months I was looking to be a virtual assistant or offer my services in foreign markets, because well as you know I’m from Mexico and here the salaries are not very good, companies ask for 10 years of experience and 100 skills to recent graduates with a super low salary, well I exaggerate a little, but I think if you understand what I mean.

That’s why I was interested in looking for a job in a foreign market because the currency exchange benefits me.

After my insistence to search, I manifested this opportunity to be a virtual assistant (if I use the law of attraction) I currently work part time with a holistic brand that I love! And I have time to continue growing my blogging bussines.

If you would like to work as a virtual assistant an you aren’t US resident I can refer you, the only requirements are:

  • Speak and make yourself understood in English.
  • Have technological skills (you have a good understanding of technology).
  • Have a computer and a good internet connection (your working tools).
  • Be a professional that can provide virtual assistant services (administrative assistant, marketing, graphic design, accountant, web developer, SEO specialist, lawyer).
  • If you meet ALL these requirements (REQUIRED) you can send me an email here and I will be happy to refer you.

9. Start your YouTube channel

If you are around 25 years old or older, do you remember when the most famous youtubers were just starting on YouTube? And now many of them already have millions of dollars and followers.

Well, if you’ve been itching to be a Youtuber for a long time (like me), don’t waste any more time and start now.

You don’t have to have the super production to start, use what you have!

You just need a camera, a space to record and define your video niche, and you never know if with perseverance and dedication in about 3-5 years you can be a famous Youtuber.

If you don’t know how to start this course will help you:


10. Start your Instagram or TikTok account.

The same for Instagram and Tiktok, if you are interested in becoming an influencer, enter this world today, start sharing valuable content and make Reels and TikToks (the trend of the moment), when you already have a loyal community you can start with sponsorships or sell your products or services. If you have already tried and have not been successful, maybe this course can help you.

How to work and  earn money online from home

11. Develop apps or websites

If you are proficient programming , you have many opportunities to grow on the internet. Start developing apps, you can sell them or make them your own.

Or you can also offer your services of creating websites (here you can learn how to make them) for either of the two I recommend that you first make your personal site or app, and go making a portfolio of what you create, if you have not yet created anything, you can start making them at low cost. It will also help you to make your social media and offer your services there, get creative, everything is valid in the digital world.

12. Launch your podcast

Podcasts are the content format that is trending. More and more people listen podcast, I’ve been listening for about 3 years and I love it.

If you think you have an important topic or niche to share through audio, start your podcast now, just like videos you don’t have to have a professional studio. You can start with the microphone of your cell phone and an editing program. The important thing is that you start now and you will improve along the way. Did you like the idea? This course will help you launch your podcast:


13. Do affiliate marketing

In the middle of the pandemic, affiliate marketing boomed. It is also one of my favorite ideas that I apply on my blog to make money online from home.

Affiliate Marketing consists of recommending a product or service and you earn a commission for that sale. In other words, reselling. There are many sites where you can see all the products available for reselling, Hotmart, Cjaffiliates, Amazon and more.

To promote them you can make landing pages within your website.


14. Launch your online store to earn money online from home

The key for any business today: have an online store.

Make your online store, whatever you sell start making your store today. If you don’t know how to start I leave you a basic guide to start creating your website, then you can find out a little bit more about how to add the store to your website.

Course on how to start your store website

15. Create a digital course and put it to resale

If selling/reselling is not your hobby, then create it! Yes you can be the creator of digital courses, e-books, guides or any digital product, and then upload it to affiliate marketing platforms for someone else to sell it and you will still have the profit base of your product.

16. Learn from Facebook Ads/ Google Ads

Many brands are trying to position themselves on the Internet, but in the face of so much competition, the most viable thing to do now is to do it through ads.

Learn how to make ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or another social network. Brands are starting to pay quite well for well targeted ads and like everything to be an expert you have to practice a lot. There are many courses to make ads, I took this one and I loved it:


17. Be a Community Manager

Another of the professions of the moment, being a community manager is to maintain or create a community in the social media of a brand, that is to say the one in charge of answering comments, private messages, doubts, publish posts and interact with the community.

It is a very cool job to earn money online if you love being in social media and the best thing is that you can do this work from home. You don’t need to be an expert in Marketing or have the profession, but you do need to have advanced knowledge of social media.

This course helped me a lot to learn about community management:


18. Sell content packages

If you don’t like social media interaction so much, you can sell content packages, that is, create images and videos for brands’ social networks. You don’t have to be a design expert, but you do have to have creativity and a good design perspective.

You can start making your designs and promoting yourself on social media. There is a program that is very easy to use and that I love to make any kind of design: Canva.

earn money online work from home

19. MLM

Network maketing companies have been and will be a very good option to earn money online from home, since I can remember my mom has worked with several companies and with perseverance and effort she has had very good earnings. So far the best company she has been in (and believe me she has been in about 10) is NIKKEN, a Japanese company that promotes wellness with alkaline water systems and more products.

20. Learn SEO

SEO is the search engine optimization, that is to say, the optimization of the content of websites to be positioned in search engines.

It is an activity that is gaining more and more popularity every day because websites are on the rise. If you don’t know what I’m talking about or you are interested in learning more, this course will help you:


21. Be a copywriter

Have you noticed that there are texts that are so attractive and well written that make you buy? Well, this is called copywrite or copy that sells. I didn’t know the term until I started in the world of blogging and social media.

There are many professionals who dedicate themselves full time to this activity, if you are good at writing and sales, this is your opportunity. As everything will require practice to be an expert, this course is great to start:


22. Start a paid Facebook group

I didn’t know people could pay to join a Facebook group until recently, and I was whaaat? if Facebook groups are free. But then I did more research and yes, there are Facebook groups where you pay a membership fee to join, but they aren’t just any group, they are groups where there is an active community and valuable information is shared, or added value is given.

If you like the ideo you can start today by starting with a free group and then as your community becomes more loyal you can start charging a monthly membership.

23. Give LinkedIn consulting services

LinkedIn is a social network like Facebook, but instead of sharing your personal life, you share your professional life, it is like having a dynamic CV. This social network is very important for many companies and people who are looking for jobs or recruiting people.
If you have experience in CV or recruiting you can start learning here from LinkedIn to later offer your consulting services.

24. Video Editing

Video editing is also gaining popularity for being one of the preferred formats to consume content, there are many youtubers who don’t have enough time to edit videos and hire someone to help them or also marketing agencies edits video, there is a lot of work field. If you don’t know how to edit, but you are interested in learning these courses can help you:


25. Develop WordPress themes

For all the experts in web programming you may like this option, start creating your own WordPress themes and sell them on the platform itself or others.

How to make money online from home

26. Translator

Are you bilingual? Start your business as a translator, whether you speak Spanish or another language, languages always open doors to new markets. You can offer your services on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Workana or in Facebook groups.

27. Social media manager

Many people confuse being a community manager with being a social media manager, it’s a different profession, a SMD is responsible for creating the entire social media marketing strategy, i.e. defining when to publish, what to publish, how often to publish, what hashtag to choose, get statistics, and all the parameters of social networks to have more engagement.

For this job you need to have more advanced knowledge of digital marketing and you have to love social networks. If you don’t have much knowledge, don’t worry, I didn’t either and this course helped me a lot.

These online bussines tools can help you to make your entrepreneur way easier.

28. Call center

Since the pandemic started, there are more and more jobs that you can do from home, such as call receptionist for customer service or support. All you need is a phone line, a microphone, a computer and a quiet place to work.

29. Remote customer service

Similar to the call center job, but in this one, some companies require you to do it by messaging or email, you can search for job offers on platforms such as Indeed.

30. Sell your handmade products

If you are an artisan you can also take advantage of technology. On platforms like Etsy, Ebay Amazon you can sell your products, Etsy is exclusively for handmade products, and Amazon and Eby you can sell everything or you can make your own website to sell them there.

31. Nutritionist and trainer

3 years ago I became a fan of following fitness girls accounts on IG and they all sell their workout programs and if they are nutritionists they add a personalized plan. If you are in these professions you can do the same, just use social media to your advantage.

32. Monthly product subscription

Do you sell beauty products? Create a monthly subscription with your most popular products, so every month your customers can use them and they will receive their monthly order.

33. Online accountant

Having an online accounting firm is possible and maybe cheaper than having a physical one. If you already have a portfolio of clients you can continue contacting them, if you still don’t have them start promoting your services on social media, you can even make a blog or website to promote your services, you can also specialize in digital accounting, there are very few and the digital market is growing more and more.

34. Language teacher

When I was in college I loved taking English classes with a teacher in the city where I lived, when I finished college I never found a teacher that I loved her classes so much and I stopped practicing the language.

Because of pandemic my teacher started teaching her classes online, and I was thrilled to go back to classes! Now she has the option to work and to earn money online from home, with students from many places and she says she loves it because her students really want to learn the language. If you are very good at languages you can start to be a teacher, and if you are already a teacher take your services to the internet, I am sure you will have more people interested.

How to work and earn money online from home

35. Monthly membership of your services

Did it ever occur to you that people pay a membership for your services or for sharing your knowledge? Yes, everything is possible in this world, and if you have something of value to share with others you can create your monthly membership, you just have to start with building a community in social media.

36. Sell your photos to image banks

If photography is your hobby and you have thousands of them saved, sell them! There are many image banks where you can upload them: Freepik, Unsplash are some of them.

37. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are rumored to be the money of the future. Some of the ways to make money with cryptocurrencies are: making bitcoin loans, trading or holding.

If you have not heard of the term, I recommend you first do your research and get well trained before making your first investment.

38. Investing in the stock market

Just like cryptocurrencies, you need to study these options very well before making your first investment. You can start with an online stock market simulator, and when you become more confident, invest your real money.

39. Create WordPress plugins

For the web programmers club, just like WordPress themes, plugins are also a profitable option to start making money online.

40. Sell trips

Raise your hand if you like to travel… yeeey I love to travel and I also like to plan trips, what I didn’t know is that I could make this activity a business. If you also like to travel and you are very organized you can start selling travel packages or organize trips in your city.

41. Life Coach

I think we are in the era of coaching, there are coaches of many branches, you can be a fitness coach, organization coach, life coach, travel coach, life coach… in short, you can specialize and get certified in what you like the most and start creating your own website and give online sessions.

42. Sell jewelry online

Make your own website or optimize your Facebook page by including an online store so you can update your jewelry business and sell more than ever online.

earn money online work from home

43. Take yoga classes

People don’t want to live with stress anymore, if you know yoga you can offer your services of online classes, create your courses or even make your YouTube channel to help people to relax after their work and live in balance while you earn money online from home.

44. Teach music

Are you a pro at playing the guitar, piano, violin or any instrument? Take advantage of your talent and teach more people, start offering your services on social networks, I’m sure many people will be interested.

45. Plan events

Although the pandemic is not over yet, many people are already doing their normal life, this includes doing events. If you like event planning, you can team up with more friends and start an event planning company and do all the planning practically online.

These online bussines tools can help you to make your entrepreneur way easier.

46. Web designer

A designer is not the same as a programmer, to be a designer you don’t necessarily need to program, but you do need a lot of knowledge of graphic design and creativity to design websites. There are specialized sites to make your designs.

47. Designer of personalized articles

If you are good with graphic design you can set up your own custom design business and design anything for t-shirts, mugs, canvases, flyers, online advertising, logos, etc.

48. Start tutoring

Are you very good at school/university or as a teacher? Start tutoring, there are many people out there who don’t understand many subjects and are looking for tutoring, or even many students who pay for you to do their homework for them, yes it’s not that good, but it can be a good opportunity.

49.Second hand clothes

Since the pandemic started my city was full of girls selling second hand clothes online, I could not believe that they were still selling even when almost everything was paralyzed. So if it worked in pandemic, it will always work! Start your business today, as a tip I tell you that these girls make daily Facebook lives in their private Facebook groups to resell the clothes and many also have their own website.


50. Fill out surveys

It is not my favorite, but there are girls who work and earn money online from home filling out surveys, there are many sites to fill out surveys, whichever one you choose just make sure you look for reviews first and that the earnings are worth the effort you will make.

Which one was your favorite?

Tell me in the comments.



50 Easy Ways To Work And Earn Money Online From Home

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